Democrats are debating about Trump setting up own impeachment


The actions that Donald Trump is taking now made some people think he wants to be impeached. In the last few days, this topic was discussed on several different media.

Adam Schiff, Democratic chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told in the interview on ABC’s “This Week.” that Trump tries to divide the country and bring the chaos to its politics and economy.

Meanwhile, most of the Democrats House representatives are too scared to vote out the presidential impeachment. In their heads, the memory of the consequences of Clinton’s impeachment is still quite visible. Back then they suffered a certain loss in the votes on the election.

If it’s going to happen, the Americans are to be faced with the third one in the last 50 years and it’s going to hit them hard. Trump perfectly knows about it. So, he must be pretty confident of his position, or maybe his real intention is to let it happen.

The course with USA-China’s political and economic relationship Donald Trump has taken shows that despite all his claims about making the biggest economy in the country, he doesn’t give a damn of the country’s economy. His constant attempts to prevent the investigation of Russian interference in the voting process are absolutely against all the principles that Americans stand for.

Claiming that Democrats are should be blamed and convicted for the 2016 campaign, he refuses to take responsibility for his actions. The White House told the Democrats House is searching for illegal ways to discredit the President such as asking for private documents and communication pieces of evidence.

In case the situation will not be run out peacefully, the Democrats who are not afraid to stand up and face the crisis are intended to engage the Supreme Court on the matter. The Court’s orders, if they’re not fulfilled, are going to be a trigger for the start of the impeachment process.

Some movements inside the Democrats party has already been made to form an opinion about Trump’s presidency in the public’s eyes. There are key figures in his environment, such as special counsel Robert Mueller, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, former White House counsel Don McGahn, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, that are certainly has taken some actions to cover up his financial documents meddling and correspondence editing.

Not all the Democrats are ready to take the risks now, but there are a lot of them who see that the situation should be solved, the faster, the better. A potential nominee to Democrats House, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren pointed out there should not be an exception to the Constitution of the United States of America. Otherwise, all the basement the American society stand on will be shuttered.

Whether or not Donald Trump is trying to set up his impeachment, the Americans better to be prepared for political turbulence this year.

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