Death toll of 2019-nCoV originated in Wuhan exceeds 1,500

China’s National Health Commission has reported that the death toll from the 2019-nCoV has reached 1,523 and the number keeps raising. According to reports, number of infected people is now over 66,000, however, more than 8,000 have already returned to a normal health state. 169,000 more people are currently under strict supervision after being in contact with those infected.

Recent reports by the Health Commission state that the mortality rate of the deadly pneumonia in the country is 2.29%.

The outbreak has started in the province of Hubei, which has been placed under the quarantine. Currently Hubei in the first in the list of provinces by number of infected people.

A number of countries have restricted entry to Chinese citizens or imposed new regulations obliging those crossing the border to undergo a procedure of a health check-up and monitor their condition for about 14 days after arrival.

29 countries, including Russia, United States, United Kingdom, France, and Canada, have reported cases of infection, yet 5 of them have quickly cured their citizens.

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