Cyberattack on Internet-equipped cars may take 3000 souls


Cyberattack on the cars with the Internet-equipped in the US may take 3000 souls US consumer group Consumer Watchdog estimated the risk of the vehicles with the Internet connection which in the target from hackers. While the future self-driving cars is the main focus of hacks intervenes, the threats of the usual contemporary cars are possible to be captured by hackers.

The report reads that it may happen due to the shortage of security design and the Internet-connected cars are restored to working order on the roads while the car manufacturing companies are “quietly installing components that carry risks into ordinary consumer automobiles”.

It notifies many means of transport have mechanisms which are speed, steering and braking controllable under computer and software making opportunity for hackers to take under control in a distance that can lead to damage and death.

Consumer Watchdog pointed that many transports can be run at the same moment while the hackers can start a mass attack on car infrastructure. Despite the attack on a car infrastructure being the growing opportunity managers of car industry expand these technologies regardless the danger resulted in “putting corporate profits ahead of consumer safety and national security”.

The report also urges to the necessity of the mortal switch as the car owners can be rid of hack.

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