COVID-19 pandemic doubles up its rate

The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit another milestone as a total of over two million cases has been registered in the world.

The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, which originated in Chinese province of Hubei in December of 2019, has been spreading worldwide really fast doubling its rate every week.

According to statistics, the first million of infected with the COVID-19 was recorded in the beginning of April, which means it took the virus about three months to spread that much. However, in less then two weeks, number of confirmed cases has doubled and is now 2,013,581.

Many argue that the real number of infections in the world is way greater than two million as the governments tend to lower the official figures.

The United States has become the worst hit country with a total of 614,246 confirmed cases and a death toll of 26,064. According to John Hopkins University, on Tuesday, April 14, the US recorded 2,228 deaths.

Vesna News — official website

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