Court found evidence of US-Russia mobster spying on Bin Laden

The US-Russian developer Felix Sater has investigated on the Mafia, North Korea, the Taliban, and al Qaeda for years. He is also known for shadowing Osama bin Laden.

The new exposures about Sater’s links to the US investigations in which he was posed as an FBI informant were verified. It followed the 2009 letter from the Justice Department that read about the close cooperation of Sater after he was pleased guilty to racketeering in 1998. At that time, prosecutors appealed to the judge with wondering why Sater merited indulgence in criminal sentencing. Finally, he paid a fine of $25000 and did not complete his prison sentence.

The Justice Department reported that Sater helped the US prosecutors pursue the criminals around the world providing them with information to prove fraud of Wall Street crooks, members of the La Cosa Nostra crime families and foreign cyber criminals. Sater also made out the money laundering schemes in Cyprus and Turkey.

The Sater contacts were extremely useful to avoid the threats to the U.S. as they contained bin Laden’s number phone, arms smugglers, and their locations; the al Qaeda’s internal structure and finances; the location of Taliban leader Mullah Omar; black market Stinger missiles in Afghanistan; the conspiracy of then-President Bush death; North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, etc.

Felix Sater Letter 1 — 082319 by Washington Examiner on Scribd

“Sater’s cooperation was of a depth and breadth rarely seen. Sater went above and beyond what is expected of most cooperators and placed himself in great jeopardy in so doing,” said former U.S. attorney Todd Kaminsky.

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