Coronavirus turned out to be Trump’s trump

The number of countries which noted the instances of coronavirus infection has exceeded 120. The World Health Organization re-qualified the threat as a pandemic.

Politicians do not miss the opportunity and try to realize their political ambitions and plan to the maximum under the guise of a «terrible» disease (Ed.– At the moment, the number of cases is ~ 50 thousand people with about 5 thousand dead). Donald Trump, as the first of equal, also did not miss his profit.

A few days ago, while addressing the American nation, Trump announced a ban on entry from Europe to the United States, save for the UK, which has recently withdrawn from the European Union.

“To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days,” Trump said.

Europe’s position is simple, they are dissatisfied with the decision of the US President. It is initially connected to the fact that he accused the European Union of insufficient measures to counteract the coronavirus that led to the emergence of diseases in the US.

But apart from the foreign policy and diplomatic field, there is also an inner working, and this is quite interesting. Firstly, it is the economic situation. The index of the 30 largest US companies over the past few months has fallen by 30% and this is very dangerous for the whole world because a collapse in the USA can cause a domino effect.

Amid this, Trump defeated the Fed and it finally lowered the minimum interest rate to 1.25%. This means that the US government will receive extra money to strengthen the domestic economy, as Trump promised.

The next ones are the issue of migration and the wall on the border with Mexico. Trump also said that he would finish the construction of the wall and now he has all the reasons. The completion of the construction will improve the quality of border control and reduce the spread of the disease, and the hysteria around the coronavirus will become a good trump card in his presidency.

The last one is tax policy. Trump promised to reduce taxes and this was done. Amid the outbreak, some population groups did get tax realization and deferral payments.

Thus, the “terrible” pandemic was useful for the US president and helped him fulfill all the promises on time. As we said earlier, there is every reason to believe that the coronavirus pandemic will have been defeated by the time of the vote.

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