Coronavirus situation in Russia «tense but stable,» expert says

Yevgeny Timakov, Chief Physician of the Leader-Meditsina medical center, said Wednesday that the coronavirus situation in Russia is stable.

Timakov also said that it is difficult to predict when Russia would face a peak of the disease.

«No, [it is impossible to say when the epidemic will peak in Russia], because there has been no proper self-isolation over the past few weeks. It is not known how this is going to affect the situation in the future. So far, the situation has been tense, but stable. I cannot predict now how it will evolve. A week ago, I would have said that at the end of the week we would see the process stabilize, right now, though, I am afraid that there will be a second upsurge of destabilization,» he told TASS.

Timakov explained that quarantine measures should be strictly observed so that there is no second wave of the disease.

«People are undergoing tremendous psychological stress, so they are unable to control themselves and begin going outside. I have nothing against going outside, if anti-epidemic measures are taken, if people wear masks, maintain social distancing, use antiseptics and do not communicate with others. However, this is not the case.»

A total of over 24,000 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Russia as of Wednesday, April 15.

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