Conway hit Biden’s record


On Sunday Adviser to the White House Kellyanne Conway found fault with the record on the deportation of former Vice President Joe Biden as it protected the immigration and customs raids of the US President Donald Trump.

This of course happened under President Obama. He was referred to as deporter-in-chief very harshly in 2012,” Conway said.


Just this week you saw massive protests at Joe Biden’s Philadelphia headquarters, his campaign headquarters, and those people are angry that he was complicit in the Obama-Biden deportation,“ Conway added.

Conway’s comments revealed at the same time of the launch Ice plans’ raids in many large cities.

Meanwhile, Biden intends to attack in the beginning of 2020. He convicted Trump’s raids and denounced that the President is “scaring the living devil out of everybody.” He also convicted all the Democrats some of whom gave advice in their districts what to do during ICE raids.

It’s really outrageous for people who take the oath of office and are elected to uphold the law to then tell people how to flout and abuse and, in fact, evade the law. That is not their job,” Conway claimed.

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