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Condoleezza Rice is a National Security Adviser, Secretary of State at George W. Bush’s presidency.

Condoleeza Rice was born on November 14, 1954, in Birmingham in the family of a protestant preacher. Her mother was a music teacher.

She found her extraordinary capacity in early childhood: a five-year-old girl was able to read fluently and was master of musical notation. Thus, her parents led their talented child to the school ahead of time.


Rice graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor’s degree in political science in 1974. She got a Master’s degree at the University of Notre Dame in 1975.

In 1981, Rice defended a dissertation on Sovietologists. She did studies on armed forces of the USSR, and Jewish security issues, as well. At the end of 70’, she took probation at Moscow State University. She speaks Russian well and knows Spanish and French.


Since 1981, Rice has been taking numerous executive positions at Standford University, CA: from docent to professor of political science. For years of teaching, she has got respect from a responsive, bu strict teacher, been held in esteem from the students.

In 1993-2000, she was working as a university financier. At this position, she was able to reduce a 20-mln budgeted deficit of university within 2 years.

Condoleeza Rice is the first Afro-American woman and the youngest provost for many centuries.

Political Career

1981-1985 – Member of the Council on Foreign Relations

1989-1991 – Director of the Department of Soviet and Eastern European Affairs of the National Security Council. She played a significant role in the US political strategy in the reunification of Germany.

In 1991 she resumed teaching at Stanford University.

1999 – Foreign Policy Advisor to George W. Bush in the Republican Campaign.

2001-2005 – Advisor on national security.

Rice’s political career was tarnished unprecedented assault of terrorists in New York on September 11, 2001. Despite the preliminary consultation in CIA’s director on potential Al-Qaeda terroristic attacks the tragic incident of which was not able to be averted.

In 2004, the National Committee ordered Rice to take the oath during the investigation, regardless of her refusal. She had to respond to all the Committee’s questions, as George Bush lodged a ruling.

While serving, Rice stood up to the policy of military conflict in Iraq, approving of it with the fact that Saddam Hussein obtained nuclear weapons and was contacted with Al-Qaeda.

Secretary of State

In 2005, Condoleeza Rice was appointed the 66th Secretary of State. 85 of Senators voted for her position, 13 of them did not. The number of election opponents on this position was the biggest since 1825, the fact of which connected to senators announcements about her guilty of a failure of military activities in Iraq.

Came into office, Rice started making major reforms of American diplomacy. The most significant initiative on the reorganization of the US policy was called “Transformational Diplomacy”, the main features of which were:

  • diplomats’ migration to developing countries and “hot spots”;
  • counterterrorism and illegal drug trafficking;
  • reorientation of relations with other states to reduce subsidies by the American side.

Her compatriots began calling her “Madam Secretary” as she, being an Afro-American, reached such a high rank.

As for Russia’s issues, Rice criticized the country of a slow democratic process, centralization of presidential power with a lack of independent legislative institutes, manipulation of prices for gas and position over the East Prigorodny Conflict. At the same time, she noted productive cooperation between the U.S. and Russia to counter-terrorism.

One of her few mistakes Candoleeza made during her public activities is the purchase of a new pair of shoes during the deadly hurricane Katrina which took thousands of lives of Afro-Americans from New Orlean.

The LDPR leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, radically criticized Candeleeze Rice’s policy towards Russia and Iraq. He urged her to leave her political career and did psychoanalysis.

Finishing her post of Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice returned to Stanford where she is serving as a professor of political science at present.

Condoleezza Rice has not left the political scene, continuing to influence the opinions of Americans nowadays. So, during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, she urged him to remove his candidacy. She made an announcement on Facebook amid a scandal with obscene statements of the candidate.

Personal life

Condoleezza Rice has not been married yet. She has not got children, as well. She is fond of music, reading books, active sports (tennis, jogging, fitness).

Both before and after the resignation, she does not leave playing music and often performs with professional performers and groups at concerts.

Interesting Facts

  • Condoleezza’s unusual name comes from the Italian “Con dolcezza”, which means “gentle” performance in music.
  • In 2004 and 2005 Forbes magazine recognized Rice as the most authoritative woman in the world.
  • Condoleezza Rice is not a relative of Susan Rice, the 24th US National Security Advisor.
  • Introducing Mikhail Gorbachev with Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush noted that he received all his knowledge about the USSR from her.

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