CNN relies on testimony of convicted fraudster Browder

Another Russiagate narrative is to take over headlines of the world media outlets, yet this time Moscow allegedly meddled with Brexit, CNN reporters say based on a testimony form an infamous financier indicted in Russia over massive tax fraud.

William Browder, financier and author of the Magnitsky Act, claimed that Russia allegedly created a network of its agents inside the British political system in order to influence dicisions made by British government. Browder claimed that Russia is “potentially the most significant threat to the UK’s institutions and its ways of life.”

Yet, it is worth questioning whether Mr. Browder is the one to believe. The financier, who once worked in Russia, masterminded and implemented a massive tax fraud, stealing millions from Russian budget. He later presented his own story which was widely accepted throughout the world and passed on by major western news outlets, including CNN, which now also serves as a mouthpiece for the disgraced businessman.

“The Russian state effectively uses the Western persons… taking advantage of their identities, skills, expertise and contacts in the West to infiltrate Western societies,” Browder said in his testimony. The statement clearly reflects Browder’s actions while in Russia when he hired Russian people, including an accountant Sergei Magnitsky who was later detained over a fraud committed along with Browder and died in prison due to his health conditions. Browder effectively used Magnitsky and a number of other Russian citizens taking advantage of their identities, skills and, of course, Russian citizenship.

Another testimony described in the CNN report is the one by infamous Christopher Steele, former British Intelligence officer, who compiled anti-Trump dossier used as a basis for Trump-Russia investigation, which took almost two years, yet led nowhere bringing no evidence of collusion between Russians and then-a-presidential-nominee Donald Trump. Steele himself admittes that information in his dossier was not well-checked and some of it was not even backed up by any evidence.

Therefore, the question is whether British government and CNN have chosen right people to interrogate and trust while conducting any investigations.

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