Chunying called on US to immediately cease interfering


The United States seems to be bored with its policy and problems in the country that start “sticking its nose” abroad. The US has already been reported to intervene into the Russian election. The People’s Republic of China becomes a next target.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying called on the United States to immediately cease interfering in the Hong Kong Policy, especially in the internal affairs, and in the country itself.

Her commentaries followed the reaction of US State Department Spokesperson Morgan Orgatus to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China protest against contacts between US diplomats and the leaders of the protesters in Hong Kong. In particular, Ortagus claimed that the revelation of diplomats’ private information is not an official protest, although she did not specify exactly where this information was published and who was charged with spreading it.

“The official representative of the Department of State should first revisit their statements and actions, and not discuss media reports and under this guise attack on the governments of other countries with accusations, shift the blame to someone else, trying to cover up the facts of US interference in China’s internal affairs,” said Hua Chunying.

She highlights that the constant US interference in Hong Kong’s affairs naturally provokes extreme indignation in China, including in Hong Kong itself.

“The representative of the US State Department unexpectedly presented the intervention of American diplomats in the internal affairs of other countries as a routine and, moreover, lavishing praise on. Can the World be calm if the US acts in such a way?” the Chinese diplomat wondered.

She again called on Washington to respect international law and the fundamental principles of international relations, and also advised to stop “sticking its nose” in Hong Kong’s affairs and interfering in China’s internal affairs.

In Hong Kong, protests against amendments to the extradition law have not stopped since June. Initially, they were peaceful, but with each clashes on the city streets, they are becoming increasingly fierce.

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