China strongly condemns Hong Kong bill passed by US Senate

China strongly condemns Hong Kong bill passed by US Senate News

Geng Shuang, Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of China, has stated that the US “inappropriately” interferes with China’s domestic affairs, CNBC reported.

Shung’s statement comes after the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Bill by the US Senate on Tuesday. According to Shuang, China “strongly condemns and resolutely opposes” the contradictory bill. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on the bill Tuesday saying that the US is urging China to resolve the situation peacefully. “There is a political resolution of this that is achievable,” he said. “We hope that’ll be the path forward.”

Now the bill will have to be amended by US House of Representatives and Senate and then sent to the President of the United States Donald Trump, who may either sign it or veto it.

Senate also passed a different legislation which would restrict exports of certain military equipment to Hong Kong.

Tensions in Hong Kong rise as the city now in its sixth month of protests. The demonstrators have broadened their list of demands and are now fighting for democracy, yet the once peaceful protests are getting more and more violent.

Government of Hong Kong issued a statement to express “deep regret over the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and another act on Hong Kong by the Senate of the United States Congress.” The statement dismisses the bills as “unnecessary and unwarranted,” noting that they will damage bilateral relations between HKSAR and the US.

“Since early June this year, there have been over 700 public demonstrations, processions and public meetings staged in Hong Kong.  Many of them have eventually turned into violent illegal activities. In response, the Police have been exercising restraint and have been carrying out enforcement actions in strict accordance with the law. The Police have the statutory duty to maintain public safety and public order. Hence, whenever unlawful assembly or violent action occurs, the Police have to take appropriate actions to protect the life and property of the general public, bring offenders to justice and restore social peace,” the statement explains.

“According to US statistics, the US has in the past ten years earned the largest worldwide bilateral trade surplus with Hong Kong amongst her trade partners in the world, at over USD 33 billion in 2018. According to the latest statistics of Invest Hong Kong and Census and Statistics Department, there are 1 344 US companies in Hong Kong, of which 278 are regional headquarters. At the same time, about 85 000 US citizens live in Hong Kong. Any unilateral change of US economic and trade policy towards Hong Kong will create negative impact on the relations between the two sides as well as US’ own interests.”

The bill still needs some time to be amended and then sent to the POTUS. It is yet unclear whether President Trump, who considers Chinese President Xi Jingping to be a “great leader,” will sign it.

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