China sees no grounds for participation in arms control talks

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang claimed Tuesday that China welcomes the US — Russia meeting to discuss arms control, extending of New START treaty and a new possible nuclear arms treaty, but does not consider its participation in the talks, reported Russian news agency TASS.

«Russia and the US are the world’s biggest nuclear powers. The fact that they plan to discuss arms control is a very good event,» Shuang said. He also noted that the US and Russia’s mutual dialogue over nuclear arms control «will provide conditions for nuclear disarmament.»

«I am confident that in this way, Russia and the US can send a positive signal to the whole world,» he said.

«As for China’s participation in these talks, we have stated our position many times. Currently, we do not see preconditions or grounds for China’s participation in such talks. Russia has reiterated that it understands China’s stance on this issue,» claimed Shuang.

Talks between the US and Russia are to be held on July 17-18. The US delegation led by the Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan is set to depart to Switzerland Tuesday.


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