China says US lawmakers violate spirit of the rule of law

Protests in Hong Kong have been on for over two months. Tens of thousands gathered Sunday for a new permitted rally at the park, reported the Guardians.

Organizers of the rally say that more than 100,000 people attended despite the heavy rain. The protesters are determined to get what they have been demanding for. “We will stand here, we will take action, until they respond to us … Together we have more power,” one of the protesters told the reporters.

As many of the previous protests resulted in violent clashes with the police, the organizers claimed that this rally should be “peaceful, rational and non-violent” and called for “self discipline and calmness.”

“We hope that there will not be any chaotic situations today,” they stated. “We hope we can shor the world that Hong Kong people can be totally peaceful.”

Chinese government accused the US of supporting the protests and claimed that it was interfering with China’s domestic affairs. You Wenze, Chinese government official, said that the US lawmakers were violating “the spirit of the rule of law.”

Natalia Veselnitskaya — official website