China, Russia to discuss US Meddling


China and Russia are to discuss interference of the United States in their domestic affairs, reported The Moscow Times. 

Last week Moscow accused the US of meddling in its domestic issues after US Embassy in Russia posted routes of anti-government protests on its website. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia said that it viewed the publications to be agitation for participation. Moscow also blamed Google for promoting the protests. Chinese authorities accused the US of encouraging similar protests in Hong Kong. 

Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said that China’s claims has been taken seriously. “Consultations with our Chinese colleagues have been planned. I believe we will talk with them soon and discuss this issue,” she said. 

“I think it would be correct and useful to let the relevant services exchange information.”

US Representative Steny Hoyer said he supported the protesters in Moscow. Hoyer issued a statement Monday saying that he stands “in solidarity with the Russian people and particularly protesters in Moscow seeking to restore democracy to their country through free and fair elections and the right to seek electoral choice.” 

“Congress stands with those in Russia seeking democracy and a government free from rampant corruption.”

Experts say that the statement by Hoyer may be another reason for Moscow to accuse the US of meddling. 

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