Can Elizabeth Warren’s Administration persue Trump’s immigrant-officials?


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren gives a word to put all the responsibilities onto the U.S. for crimes against immigrants at Trump’s Administration if she is elected next year. The constitution gives the White House authority in issues on immigration and boarder control. However, it might not prevent Warren’s administration from Trump’sofficials involvement intp treatment to immigrants.

On my first day, I will empower a commission in the Department of Justice to investigate crimes committed by the United States against immigrants. To anyone out there who’s working in this system, understand you abuse immigrants, you physically abuse immigrants, you sexually abuse immigrants, you fail to get them medical care that they need, you break the law of the United States of America and Donald Trump may be willing to look the other way, but President Elizabeth Warren will not.

Warren described all her future politics mentioning Trump’s misuse during administration in the essay posted on Wednesday. A ministry of Justice Task Force Warren said on Saturday that she would consider the accusation of serious breaches “including medical neglect and physical and sexual assaults of detained immigrants,” and her administration would present independent authority for persecution of any reasonable penal statements.

Expert claims that there are limits of Warren’s Administration to make for judge persecution of Donald Trump and officials cooperated for immigration politics. Although, criminal accusation of the White House towards Trump’s Administration can be unparalleled, there is a precedent for the U.S. trying to resolve formers’ mistakes.

Constitutional law professor at Santa Clara University Margaret Russell pointed out the right Warren’s claims for the Ministry of Justice to consider the accusations against Trump’s Administration that breached immigration law.

“This is within a President’s authority even if the past administration defended its actions as permissible under the immigration laws.”

Moreover, experts on the Constitutional rights support the idea that the executive branch in immigration politics and borders does not protect from the responsibilities before the law on human rights and have a broad authority.

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