Cameras from jail were Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself sent for analysis

US law enforcement authorities sent cameras from the jail where Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire accused of sex trafficking, committed suicide to the crime lab of the FBI, New York Post reported.

Two cameras from the Metropolitan Correctional Center were reportedly positioned within view of the cell where Epstein hanged himself, however, on the day of the suicide they were broken. Officials stated that the footage from these two cameras are unusable.

Epstein hanged himself on August 10, yet his lawyers questioned experts’ ruling, noting that they were “skeptical” and were investigating Epstein’s death.  “We did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person,” said Reid Weingarten, defense attorney, Tuesday. “There are conspiracy theories galore,” he added. “What if the tapes only broke down on the day he was killed or he died?”


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