Butina List. Russian lawmaker’s revenge


Russian lawmakers came up with an initiative to create A Butina List as a response to those U.S. officials involved in the prosecution of admitted Russian agent Maria Butina. Butina list supposed to include those U.S. officials accused of “violating the fundamental rights and freedoms of Russian citizens”

“The arbitrary arrests of Russians has become  an exclusive practice in bilateral relations between Russia and the West.” stated in a document signed by the lawmakers.

The case against Maria Butina was initiated to support  the myth about Russian “interference” in the internal affairs of the United States. The parliamentarians who signed the initiative are convinced that the Russian national  was forced to admit her guilt under pressure, to avoid a “huge prison sentence”.

On April 26, Maria Butina was sentenced to 1,8 years in prison and following deportation from the US by a federal judge in Washington DC by court in Washington. Butina has already served nine months in the U.S. jail, which will count towards her sentence. Butina’s lawyer Robert Driscoll, however, expects that she will return to Russia by the end of this year.

Last December, Maria Butina made a deal with the investigation, thus abandoning the trial in the presence of 12 jury members. She partially pleaded guilty, accepting the charge that concerned the violation of US foreign agent laws. It’s about “conspiracy” with a US citizen, political advisor to the Republican Party, Paul Erickson, to establish contact with Americans who have political influence.

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