British intelligence is responsible for interfering in our election. Fraud of RUSSIAGATE – Part 2

According to co-host broadcast on Barbara Bain, if any foreign organization intervened in the 2016 elections, it was British intelligence, partly NATO and some European countries, — reports

In opinion of Larry Johnson, «This entire effort to go after Donald Trump didn’t start initially as a targeting just Trump: it was in fact targeting all of the political candidates that Hillary Clinton anticipated facing. And what I am told, by someone who’s in a position to know, is that this initiative to enlist the British and other foreign intelligence agencies in election campaigns to produce intelligence that could be of benefit to the Clinton campaign, started in the summer of 2015. And initially it was not just against Donald Trump; it included Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and it included Bernie Sanders. We now know, and there were reports back in 2017, for example, that Samantha Power was accused of having unmasked more than 260 people, affiliated with just the Trump campaign.

«what does «unmasking» mean? Unmasking means that the names of 260 people appeared in either an intelligence report prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency, or an intelligence report prepared by the National Security Agency. Neither the CIA nor the NSA are permitted to name U.S. citizens by name in these reports, so they have a generic description like «Person A,» or «Subject 1,» etc.

But when you want to know their identity, you have to go through a process and fill out some paperwork, so there is a paper trail and that process is called «unmasking,» where you take the mask, the false name put there, and reveal the true name of the person.

So when you’re talking about 260 different names unmasked, you’re talking about a lot of intelligence reports!»

However, continued Johnson, «despite all of this intelligence reports that were coming in, they didn’t have conclusive evidence. The entire process, though, was designed to create a pretext».

“The relationships that were being described were in fact, created by other intelligence operations: As an example, in the case of George Papadopoulos, the British used their own intelligence assets, one of whom is Joseph Mifsud, to make an approach to George, to offer to get George information about the Russians and dirt that they had on the Clinton campaign. George Papadopoulos is in London, at the time, when he’s getting this information. He communicates that, via an email back to the United States — well, that communication is intercepted both by the National Security Agency and by British intelligence.

It’s then produced in a report, that «Subject A» in Britain communicated to «Subject B» on Candidate 1’s campaign about having dirt on Hillary Clinton. Well, that all of a sudden, that’s intelligence, that’s proof! So you can go to the FBI and say, «we’ve got intelligence that shows that there’s some smoke here, and we’ve got to investigate.» And yet, they don’t admit that the entire thing was staged! But by staging that kind of thing, you can plant information that appears to be true, even though it’s a lie. And so that’s how this thing started.”

According to Johnson, when it became clear that Donald Trump is a frontrunner, “It was a covert action that involved both British and American intelligence assets, as well as U.S. law enforcement assets in the FBI, to create the impression to feed the meme that Donald Trump was acting with and at the behest of Vladimir Putin. That whole plot began to be unfolded in earnest in March and April off 2016.”


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