British envoy to US says Trump’s presidency could crash over Russia links

British Ambassador in Washington says Donald Trump’s presidency “could crash and burn over Russia links,” reported The Daily Mail Sunday.

Memos of Sir Kim Darroch, one of the British top diplomats, leaked to the public, showing his negative attitude towards the US President and his Administration. In one of the memos written by Darroch in 2017 and obtained by the Mail Sunday, British envoy said that Trump’s ties to Russia would potentially destroy him as a president.  

In a letter to the UK’s National Security Adviser Mark Sedwill, Darroch wrote: “There could have been active collusion between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence, especially over the timing of release of hacked emails from inside the Clinton camp. Dodgy Russian financiers may have bailed out the Trump and Kushner enterprises when both were at risk of bankruptcy in previous decades.”

At the time President Trump was probed for allegedly trying to obstruct justice and stop the investigation into his campaign and White House officials. “Trump’s attempts to close down the FBI investigation… might amount to obstruction of justice,” Darroch declared, yet noted that that might not actually affect President Trump as he “has been mired in scandal pretty much all his life, and has come through it.”

“He seems indestructible,” he added.


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