Biden takes the lead in 2020 election


According to a new CBS News poll, Joe Biden takes the lead in the race for the presidency in the US that will have a preschedule primary and caucus contest in 2020 as the four main electors have reached a high level of the big field.

25 per cent of voter were Biden’s support during the candidacy election at Democratic party. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren got 20%, Kamal Harris – 16%, Bernie Sanders – only 15%. Besides, none of the candidates did not gain a double-digit support during the poll.

Biden continued to do well out of the possible electability against the US President Donald Trump during the general election, and 85 per sent cited him as a vice president of the former president Barack Obama reasoned his consideration.

Nevertheless, as to the poll, there is an enthusiasm split among other electors. The majority asked Democrats of 56% said that Warren would struggle with “a great deal” for people like them, while 54% said the same about Sanders.

The CBS was on July 9-18 by YouGov with 18550 registered electors in 18 states which would hold a Democratic primaries of meetings until March 3 known as Super Tuesday. The sample consisted of 8760 self-identified Democrats and Independents inclined to democracy with about 1.5% of  the bias.

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