Biden presented health plan of $750 billion

Former US Vice President Joe Biden presented a health plan, the implementation of which will require about $750 billion.

The Biden Plan involves the strengthening and development of the Law on Affordable Health Care, known as “Obamacare” and adopted by Barack Obama.

The debate about the future of the American health care system has become one of the key issue on the struggle for a democratic nomination. Some Democrats promise large-scale reforms and a complete transition of the health insurance system into the hands of the state.

Biden proposes to double the tax on long-term capital gains in financial markets for people whose income exceeds a million dollars a year. His plan also provides for an increase in tax deductions for those who use government insurance to reduce its cost. Former vice president also wants to repeal the existing law prohibiting to discuss medicine price cuts with pharmaceutical companies under the Medicare for the senior state program.

However, the Trump administration rejected a proposal to decrease the price of medicine prescription .  

The Biden Plan also provides for a limit on price increases for all branded, biotech, and too expensive medicine and allows consumers to buy medicine in other countries.

Biden was said to present proposals in details to struggle with armed violence and other health issues, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

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