Assange accused of publishing the truth about the US


Julian Assange’s lawyer said that the new charges, threatening Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, 175 years in prison, are unprecedented and demonstrate the seriousness of the threat of criminal prosecution of any journalist who dared to tell the general public about abuses of the American authorities. His statement was posted by the TV company NBC. Sweden and the UK against Assange. What is known about the case of the founder of WikiLeaks

“Today, the government [of the United States] has charged Julian Assange on the basis of the Spying Act, for convincing sources to provide him with truthful information and to publish this information,” the lawyer stated.

“The fig leaf – computer hacking charge – was removed. The unprecedented charges demonstrate how serious the threat posed by the criminal prosecution of Julian Assange to all journalists is on the way of informing the public about the steps taken by the US government,” Pollack concluded.

The US Justice Department filed 17 new charges on Thursday with the founder of the WikiLeaks organization. Assange is accused of “crimes related to the largest in the history of the United States case of disclosure of secret information.” This is a violation of the law of espionage, including the disclosure of the names of secret sources of information and collusion.

A London court on May 1 sentenced Assange to 50 weeks in prison for violating the conditions of release on bail. Currently, the US request for his extradition is being considered. The following procedural hearing in this case is to be held in London on May 30th.

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