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A kid pop-up book shows children that Donald Trump’s “wall” is a sample of “how people in power make mistakes” hindering a “thriving society” of people of any origin.

The book entitled “The Wall: A Timeless Tale” by Giancarlo Macri and Carolina Zanotti teaches “what happens when a wall separates a once thriving kingdom.”

When a king finds out that citizens look unlike as before in his government, he sends each one to another side of this wall. Nevertheless, he understands then, his government is too far from a usual one when used to prosper due to art people and scientists, and now it has disappeared.

Left-wing Romper considers this book as a “genius” as it shows children the President’s wall “in a way they’ll actually understand.”

“Turning the saga of Trump’s wall into a teachable moment for kids is a pretty lofty goal for a pop-up book, but this one manages to do it,” Romper noted.

However, Fox Chapel Publishing notices that the book has “sharp political commentary” and tries to involve people into the politics due to “bright and modern illustrations.

“[T]his dynamic team has helped make this challenging concept a little easier for young ones to comprehend,” the publisher claims.

A pop-up “wall” depicts a story about a king of retreat who realises soon that his kingdom is crowded by diverse people who are different from him. He makes up his mind then to run a structure which is meant not to let people with different point of view in.

Built the wall, the kingdom obtains not so bright colours as it had, and the king asks for a garden and a fountain, but the sculptures, engineers moved from. So, he begs them to come back and break the stone obstacle.

Quartz points that the book “paints the king as foolish but teachable rather than vicious and hateful.

“Appreciating people who may be different from ourselves is a critical skill for both adults and children, but if we are honest with ourselves, it can also be very difficult to teach, especially in a fun, memorable way. What I really liked about this book is that it focuses on the positive, thriving life and society we miss out on if we get it wrong,” said president of Fox Chapel Publishing Alan Giagnocavo.

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