Another Chinese manufacturer can get on the US sanctions list


Another major Chinese manufacturer, Hikvision, could be subject to sanctions imposed by the US government. Rumors about blacklisting it have already affected the company’s stock.

According to, now company representatives say they have not received any notification from the United States about blacklisting it.

Hikvision specializes in surveillance cameras.

If the decision is made, then US companies will have to obtain special government approvals in order to receive Hikvision equipment.

Meanwhile, Hikvision says that the chips that Hikvision uses are completely normal and most of the suppliers are based in China, and only a small part in the United States. Therefore, there should be no significant impact on the manufacturer’s business.

What is Hikvision?

It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of video surveillance products and ready-made video surveillance solutions. The company was established in 2001. Now the company employs 13 thousand employees. Hikvision is among the top 3 best security companies in the Security 50 rating of A & S magazine.

The scandal with Huawei. The United States accused the Chinese manufacturer of technical espionage and the collection of confidential data using its equipment. Therefore, the US Department of Commerce has blacklisted the Chinese company Huawei for threatening national security.

Subsequently, Google decided to end cooperation with Huawei, in particular in the area of cooperation on the Android operating system. This has greatly shaken Huawei’s position, because the manufacturer has no alternative operating system yet

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