Angela Merkel: It’s no longer the case that US will simply protect Europe


Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, claimed that Europe should not count on the US for military protection, Russian News Agency TASS reported.

Merkel’s comments come after US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw America from Iran nuclear deal, which European countries are trying to uphold. Delivering the official speech honoring French President Emmanuel Macron, who was awarded with the Charlemagne Prize for offering a “vision of a new Europe,” Merkel said that “it’s no longer the case that the United States will simply protect us.”

“Rather, Europe needs to take its fate into its own hands. That’s the task for the future…And it will be existentially necessary to make progress here because the nature of the conflicts has completely changed since the end of the Cold War.”

President Macron also said that European countries should unite and become stronger, because the US has chosen its own way and ditched a number of agreements.

“If we accept that other major powers, including allies… put themselves in a situation to decide our diplomacy, security for us, and sometimes even make us run the worst risks, then we are not more sovereign and we cannot be more credible to public opinion,” Macron said.

“We must succeed in building our own sovereignty, which in this region, will be the guarantor of stability,” he added.

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