Andrew Leung: It is more than simply trade war


Legislative Council Andrew Leung has analysed the effects towards Huawei as a threats to National Security of the U.S. making it more detached during the FNA interview.

The US-China trade war spread over other fields, too, accusing of each other as if it was a clash of both countries economies raising tariffs. According to the US position towards the student visa, the Chinese cannot get the full education without any scientific research in the American universities.

Apart from a trade war, the U.S. struggles for technologies when prohibited the access to the American market. Washington, according to Chinese Council, holds “an ideological war with China, targeting the Chinese great culture,” preventing its European allies.

Therefore, it is more than simply a trade war,” he said.

Despite the fact that Huawei presented the technology, it proposed bigger equities on the 5G infrastructure for the U.S. companies to which it refused scaring of the competition with China.

The US Administration’s ban on Huawei was rather a ban on 5G, to limit their access to the US market. 5G connects everything; it is the Internet of things, and it makes things doable which were impossible before. But inside the US, in every places you go, Google and Apple are the main suppliers of the technological services. Of course they did not want to see Huawei dominant in their country, he Mr. Leung noted.

The trade war will affect on Trump’s further election, in spite of the fact that he believes that condition of the U.S. National Security depends on financial security of the country that could be under the threat of the 5G.

Therefore, Chinese Council asserts that “he [Trump] obviously needs a deal with China for his re-election in 2020.

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