Americans campaigning against US sanctions on Iran

The US citizens have launched a campaign against the restrictions imposed by the US government on the Islamic Republic of Iran as the country is trying to cope with constantly raising number of infections with the deadly coronavirus.

Americans have started the campaign and named it ‘#ENDCOVIDSANCTIONS ’80 HRS OF CALLS FOR 80,000,000LIVES.” The US citizens are set to call to call Office of Foreign Assets Control and demand that sanctions against Iran are lifted.

According to initiators of the campaign, if the US does not lift the restrictions, Iran will be left with a human tragedy.

Previously number of the world leaders called on the US to withdraw sanctions as they impede efforts of the Iranian government to combat the spread of the virus. The country cannot even get the test kits from South Korea due to the US sanctions.

It is worth noticing, that the US President Donald Trump has imposed more sanctions on Iran instead of lifting the restrictions that were already in effect.

«Economic war has endangered the lives of 80 million Iranians. An Iranian dies of COVID-19 every 10 minutes. End this terrorism. Save the lives,” campaigners tweet.

“Sanctions are killing Iranians.

COVID19 is killing Iranians.

Sanctioning Iran was already destructive, now its preventing Iranians from getting treated during a pandemic. They must be lifted.”

Vesna News — official website

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