American singer R. Kelly accused of sexual nature crimes


U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Minnesota has filed two new charges against the famous American singer R. Kelly for crimes of sexual nature.

According to prosecutors, the incident occurred on July 11, 2001 in Minneapolis. A girl at the of 16 or 17 asked the singer for an autograph, then R. Kelly invited her to his hotel room and paid $200 her to undress and have sexual contact with him.

The singer is reported to be charged with engaging a minor girl in prostitution and soliciting a minor. However, prosecutors note that Kelly did not directly engage in sexual intercourse with the alleged victim, but there was “contact of a sexual nature” between the singer and the girl.

Popular American singer R. Kelly was arrested in July in Chicago on a range of new charges. A lawsuit filed by the federal prosecutor’s office against the performer was filed in New York; it contains 13 items, including child pornography, seduction of minors, and evasion of justice. In addition, the prosecutor’s office in a separate suit accuses the singer of racketeering and transporting women and minors for prostitution. Prosecutors allege that R. Kelly run a group of guards, drivers and managers involved in the engagement of women and minor girls in prostitution.

In total, more than 20 charges of sexual violence have already been brought against the performer, but he has consistently denied his guilt.

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