American lawyer claims Trump to be “the most abused president in American history”

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Mark Levin, an American lawyer and a host of the “Life, Liberty & Levin” Show, made a statement on Wednesday that the US President Donald Trump is “the most abused president in American history.”

In an interview with Shannon Bream of Fox News Levin said, “This president is the most abused president in American history. I could care less if they think he has abused power, you know who is abusing power? The courts that you just mentioned. Do you know who is abusing power? These chairmen who issue these outrageous subpoenas against his family for his bank accounts and all the rest. Then they pretend we’re in a constitutional crisis when the president dares to say no and take them to court to get in front of one of these Obama judges, then you see what they do.”

Levin has also spoken about Federal judges, who ruled that two American banks that worked with Trump’s businesses must hand over president’s financial records.

“Just because they issue subpoenas doesn’t mean they got to take down a president and his family. This is going to be challenged and fought and if Nancy Pelosi wants to try to impeach the president of United States, half of this country will be furious at all those phony Democrats who were elected in these Republican marginal districts, I hope they enjoy their one term. There’s going to be push back. People will make sure there is push back. I’m going to make sure there is push back,” Levin added.

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