Adam Schiff: I worry about the message of taking impeachment case to trial


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said that starting impeachment proceedings now may set an “unwelcome precedent,” reported NBC News Sunday.

Many Democrats have been calling for impeachment, and after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before congressional committees the calls doubled down.

In an interview with “Meet the Press,” Representative Schiff stated that even if impeachment proceedings are launched, Republicans controlled Senate would definitely nullify them and that could “send the wrong message.”

“I worry equally about the message of taking an impeachment case to trial, losing that case, having the president acquitted, and then having an adjudication that this conduct is not impeachable,” he said.

“The jury I’m most worried about, not the Senate because I think that’s a preordained conclusion, is the American people. Can we make the case to the American people? I want to make sure that’s true before we go down that path because it’s going to occupy a year of the nation’s time.”

When asked where the House was in the process of impeaching the President, Schiff responded that it would be “most accurately described as preliminary to a judicial proceeding, that proceeding being a potential impeachment.”

“The most important thing is to obtain the grand jury material, to see the evidence,” he added with reference to the grand jury information redacted from the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

“There’s no making the case to the cult of the president’s personality that is the Senate GOP, but we should at least be able to make the case to the American people. And I’d like to see the evidence so I’m confident that we can do that before we say we’re ready to charge the president of the United States.”

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