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You are on a website of an Information and Analytical Center of Natalia Veselnitskaya. Our main goal is to help those willing to better understand subtle points of the US-Russian bilateral relations and to provide public with a fresh point of view on current issues.

We have designed the website taking into consideration needs and wishes of our readers and made it very convenient to operate. Articles containing analysis of current issues and the most relevant news are published daily on the initial page of the website, where you would also find an interactive scheme portraying ties and intersection points between the main persons of the US-Russian relations.

By clicking on the illustration, you will be taken to a “Dossier” section, where you can access information about every person. There is also a “Library” section, which was created to easily access primary sources and contains key documents related to the high-profile political affairs, as well as the first-hand exclusive materials. Every user can access our database free of charge.

We know that you are tired of lies and hypocrisy on the Internet, therefore, our team works every day so that each of you can get reliable information about the current political agenda.

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