85,000 cops investigated for misconduct


According to the report published by USA TODAY, “at least 85,000 law enforcement officers across the USA have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past decade.”

Some American officers, despite being public servants, tend to use excessive force, beat members of the public or use their police badges to abuse women. Many of those under investigation have lied, dealt drugs, stolen, driven drunk or assaulted their spouses.

USA TODAY reporters together with the nonprofit Invisible Institute in Chicago have spent a year to create the biggest collection of misconduct records, detailing at least 200,000 incidents.

USA TODAY reports the following


“Most misconduct involves routine infractions, but the records reveal tens of thousands of cases of serious misconduct and abuse. They include 22,924 investigations of officers using excessive force, 3,145 allegations of rape, child molestation and other sexual misconduct and 2,307 cases of domestic violence by officers.


Dishonesty is a frequent problem. The records document at least 2,227 instances of perjury, tampering with evidence or witnesses or falsifying reports. There were 418 reports of officers obstructing investigations, most often when they or someone they knew were targets.


Less than 10% of officers in most police forces get investigated for misconduct. Yet some officers are consistently under investigation. Nearly 2,500 have been investigated on 10 or more charges. Twenty faced 100 or more allegations yet kept their badge for years.”


All of the records, including names of the officers, will be made public. USA TODAY is also searching for partners willing to gather and share more information  on police misconduct.

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