Russia is open for a joint arms reduction deal with the U.S.


The Russian President Vladimir claimed that they do not take part in the pursuit for armaments, they fight for protection. Moscow, meanwhile, is open to a new mutual deal on arms reduction with the U.S..

Putin has refuted the opinion about the willing of a weapon race from Russia noting the difference between Russian and the US financial position:

“Compare how much Russia spends on defense – some $48 billion, and how much the US spends – over $700 billion. Where is the arms race? We will not let ourselves be dragged into such a race, but we must ensure our security.”

He said that Trump has never responded to sign a joint declaration on impermissibility of nuclear war. However, the US President denounced about his intention to withdraw from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

Trump got to know that he wanted to take out a trilateral nuclear pact that would include China as well. He said that he has already discussed the possibilities of signing this deal by phone in May.

Nevertheless, Trump has been persistently trying to strengthen the nuclear stockpile, spending billion dollars on,and boasted about “brand new nuclear weapons” that he “hopefully” will never use. 

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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