“Victims” of Mueller Investigation: Jason Fishbein

Muller’s investigation

Jason Fishbein, former WikiLeaks lawyer, has also become a ‘victim’ of Mueller’s “scorched earth” tactics.

FBI agents visited Fishbein in August, 2018 in order to find connections between Trump campaign officials and Assange. According to Fishbein, the interrogation lasted for two days and resulted in hundreds of pages od documents taken from him. Later Mueller’s investigators obtained records of Fishbein’s correspondence with WikiLeaks.

Fishbein said that he had to spend more than $20,000 to defend himself. In an interview with Real Clear Investigations, Fishbein stated, that it “doesn’t nearly account for all the time I have had to spend occupied with this. Time could have been spent with my family, friends or productively working has been squandered by having to keep up with the seemingly never-ending barrage of bogus bombshell political attacks on the 2016 election results.”

“Certainly seems like a politically manufactured criminal investigation and coordinated media outrage.”


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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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