175 people were killed from white nationalist conspiracy theories


More than 175 people suffered from about 16 attacks of white nationalist conspiracy theories, in which people believe the white immigrants and refugees are “invaders” who present themselves as the threat to the white

Muslim worshippers, black Americans, Jewish Americans, leftwing politicians and activists were hurt. Now the US law enforcement officials are conducting investigations on two shootings connected to the white nationalist radicalization.

Many white suspected men committed the attacks fully described such “invaders” and their intervene in the Internet and addressed the killers to the encouragement for their acts.

These attacks tend to have in common with political debates about refugees and immigrants. Only for this year the incidents have been in April and March.

In April 2019, the suspect at the age of 19 from California started firing in a synagogue where he killed a senior woman and three others. But before, there was an “open letter” on the 8chan extremist message board towards white nationalist conspiracy theory which revealed the reason of his action after he took an example from the gunman who had shut Muslims at mosques in New Zealand.

In March 2019, one more suspect at the age of 28 from Australia, posted on 8chan before the attack, and killed people in and around two Christchurch mosques. The manifesto posted before the respect for previous white nationalist attacks by Anders Breivik in 2011 considering it as “historic acts of violence against Muslims.”

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Natalia Veselnitskaya
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