India under total lockdown, citizens ordered to stay home

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi declared the state of emergency in the country and ordered the citizens to stay inside their home for 21 days starting Wednesday, March 21.

“There will be a total ban of coming out of your homes,” Modi said Tuesday night. “Every state, every district, every lane, every village will be under lockdown.”

1.3 billion people of India had been notified of the lockdown only 4 hours before the order went into effect. Such a move by state authorities taken to prevent spread of the deadly coronavirus is the most severe in the world so far.

Number of COVID-19 cases in India is 562, yet authorities fear that the virus would quickly spread and the outbreak would be massive.

“If you can’t handle these 21 days, this country and your family will go back 21 years,” Mr. Modi said. “The only option is social distancing, to remain away from each other. There is no way out to escape from coronavirus besides this.”

Anyone who fails to follow the restriction may face up to one year of imprisonment.

Vesna News — official website

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